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Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Bulleen, Thomastown, St Kilda, Taylors Lake and Sydenham.

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At Physical Healthcare

Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Bulleen, Thomastown, St Kilda, Taylors Lake and Sydenham.

Massage Taylors Lakes

Physical Healthcare is the leading rehabilitation centre in Taylors Lakes, treating a variety of physical conditions using a multi-faceted approach. From dry needling to massage, Taylors Lakes locals can unlock optimal health by visiting Physical Healthcare. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all Taylors Lakes locals looking to recover from injury or improve their overall well-being. Our diverse range of services can assist with a variety of health concerns or issues like neck pain, upper and lower back pain, sports injuries, headaches, sciatica, whiplash, shoulder pain, rehabilitation, pregnancy, pre and post-op, knee pain, hip pain and bursitis.

Physiotherapy Taylors Lakes (Physio)

Physiotherapy is designed to treat and manage muscle as well as joint and nerve disorders using a variety of physical methods like exercise, manipulation and massage. By getting physiotherapy at our Taylors Lakes rehab centre, you can enjoy restored function that may have been compromised by ageing, injury, disease or environmental factors.

Move towards a life free of pain by reaching out to Physical Healthcare for specialised treatment in Taylors Lakes or at one of our other locations. We also offer the option to be treated by a female physiotherapist in Taylors Lakes and our other locations.

Clinical Pilates Taylors Lakes

Clinical Pilates is a fantastic exercise utilised by our physiotherapists to improve your core muscles and enable your body to support itself better. One of our qualified physiotherapists will guide you through your rehabilitation using the Pilates Reformer frame. Regardless of the severity of your injury or your familiarity with Clinical Pilates, locals from Taylors Lakes will be able to improve their strength and enjoy relief from pain thanks to our tailored exercise and rehabilitation programs.

Rehabilitation Centre Taylors Lakes

As one of the leading rehabilitation centres in the Taylors Lakes area, Physical Healthcare provides a vast range of services to maintain and improve your wellbeing. This includes:

  • Massage
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Dry needling
  • Psychology
  • Podiatry
  • Myotherapy
  • Dietician
  • Exercise physiology

Call our Taylors Lakes rehabilitation centre directly on 03 8361 5802 to enquire about the services provided there or call 1300 581 625 for information on your nearest location.

Sport Physiotherapy Taylors Lakes (Physio)

Whether sport is your passion or your profession, it’s likely you may incur a sports injury that could prevent you from doing what you love most. With our sports physiotherapy, Taylors Lakes athletes and sports fans will be able to return to pre-injury function, learn techniques to avoid future injuries and achieve peak athletic performance. For tailored sports physiotherapy in Taylors Lakes, there’s simply no looking past Physical Healthcare! Contact our team today to get you back to playing your favourite sport with as little downtime as possible.

Neck Pain Treatment Taylors Lakes

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints we deal with at Physical Healthcare – usually brought on by craning our necks over computer and phone screens for long periods of time. Our team are proud to provide specialised neck pain treatment to Taylors Lakes locals including massage and physiotherapy to loosen the tense muscles, ease the locked cervical spine joints and promote the body’s self-healing processes. Additionally, our physiotherapists will provide you with techniques to avoid neck pain in the future, such as stretches and exercises.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Taylors Lakes

Due to our sedentary lifestyles and desk jobs, many Australians experience low back pain that can make day-to-day life excruciating. Our lower back pain treatment uses a multi-faceted approach including soft tissue manipulation stretches and exercises to ease muscular tension, unlock stuck joints in the spine, strengthen the stability muscles which support the spine and reduce overall pain and inflammation.

Regain your strength and mobility by contacting the physiotherapists at Physical Healthcare today!

Dry Needling Taylors Lakes

Dry needling, derived from the ancient treatment method that is acupuncture, has been shown to be highly effective in decreasing pain and inflammation, promoting tissue healing and regeneration and restoring nerve and muscle function. The physiotherapists at Physical Healthcare utilise dry needling along with other treatment methods to enable the body to heal itself. Whether you are looking for a complete treatment plan or only wish to undergo one session of dry needling, Taylors Lakes locals will experience personalised treatment at Physical Healthcare.

Headache Treatment Taylors Lakes

The fully trained staff at Physical Healthcare employ advanced techniques to give you relief from the chronic pain of headaches and migraines. If you’re finding yourself unable to perform basic life tasks or are used to spending a lot of time in bed dealing with pain, make an appointment today for headache treatment in Taylors Lakes or at one of our other locations. Call now on 1300 581 625 to see our dedicated team and ease the tension of head pain.

Shoulder Pain Treatment Taylors Lakes

If you’re living with shoulder pain, you’ll know that it makes it difficult to perform everyday movements. Things such as lifting moderate weights, or even raising your hands above your head, become impossible. Our fully trained professionals use manual manipulation techniques to relieve your discomfort. Book now to receive shoulder pain treatment in Taylors Lakes and throughout Melbourne.

Osteopath Taylors Lakes

Because every healthcare professional at Physical Healthcare takes a holistic approach to assessment and treatment, that is exactly what you should expect when you consult one of our osteopaths. Taylors Lakes locals may be given a treatment program that incorporates massage, gentle joint manipulation, and stretching exercises.

When they visit one of our dedicated osteos, Taylors Lakes patients will be treated as a person, not a number, or a collection of ‘issues’ to be fixed. We work with you as an active participant in your health, helping you to achieve your goals, be that rehabilitation from injury or surgery, or overall strength and fitness.

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