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Physiotherapy Keilor

The fully experienced team at Physical Healthcare are trained in treating a number of conditions that respond well to physiotherapy. These include sports injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain, upper and lower back pain, sciatica, whiplash, hip pain, knee pain and more. Our physiotherapists target muscles, joints and nerves to help give you a better quality of life. If you prefer a natural alternative to surgery or drugs, contact us today for physiotherapy in Keilor or one of our other locations.

Clinical Pilates Keilor

Our trained staff are available to support you through rehabilitation with clinical Pilates in Keilor. We’ll help you improve the muscles your body uses for stability, giving you better support in everything you do. Call us today to find out how we can tailor an exercise and rehabilitation program to your needs.

Dry Needling Keilor

Visit Physical Healthcare to utilise the benefits of the modern version of acupuncture, known as dry needling. Keilor locals will experience a decrease in pain and inflammation and the restoration of tissue, nerves and muscle function. Book online now and discover the benefits of a single session of dry needling can have, then consider a complete treatment plan.

Headache Treatment Keilor

Headaches and migraines can be chronic and can be very disruptive to your everyday life. If you are looking for a solution to this painful condition, the experienced team at Physical Healthcare is ready to help. We use advanced rehabilitation techniques to improve your quality of life.

Lower Back Pain Keilor

Lower back pain is an unfortunate side-effect of our lifestyles in this day and age. If you sit at a desk all day at work, or don’t exercise much, you may suffer from this debilitating condition. Our team uses a holistic approach, including tissue manipulation and joint unlocking to strengthen your muscles and better support your back and spine.

Neck Pain Treatment Keilor

At Physical Healthcare, our professional team are trained to relieve you of neck pain, which is all too common these days due to our obsession with staring at screens with our neck in unnatural positions. Visit us for physiotherapy and massage to loosen the muscles related to neck pain.

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Exclusive Working relationship with Local Gyms: