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Myotherapy in Preston at Physical Healthcare

Physical Healthcare Preston proudly offer Myotherapy and proudly services the Preston, Coburg, Reservoir, Lalor, Heidelberg, Thornbury and Northcote communities. Myotherapy literally means muscle therapy. It is a method for relieving pain based on the application of compression to trigger points in the body. Myotherapy can:

  • Help to relax and enhance the function of joints and muscles.
  • Aid in improving range of movement and general body tone.
  • Help to relieve pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Massage in Preston at Physical Healthcare

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, many of us simply put up with our various aches and pains. Some common complaints we encounter at Physical Healthcare include strained neck muscles from looking down at phone screens, back pain due to spending the day at a desk and sore shoulders due to heavy lifting.

Our Massage Therapists at physical health care employ soft tissue massage techniques to alleviate pain at its core and promote the body’s self-healing processes. Whether you are just dropping in for one session or would like Ongoing massage therapy, our massage allows Preston locals to relieve pain, soreness and tension. The physical manipulation done during massage increases your blood and lymph circulation, which improves the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, as well as relaxing and normalising the soft tissue, which releases nerves and tense connective tissues.

Massage isn’t just for those with an injury or chronic condition. In fact, it can also be highly effective for those who are anxious or stressed, allowing you to completely relax both mentally and physically. When conducted by certified staff, massage improves muscle tone, promotes peripheral circulation, relieves mental stress, and can either ease or stimulate the nervous system depending on what the client requires.

From sports injuries to workplace injuries (or even just day-to-day wear and tear!), there are a myriad of everyday factors that cause us to experience soreness, pain or muscle tenderness. Prioritise your wellbeing by contacting Physical Healthcare to enquire about massage at our Preston location.

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Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Gladstone Park, Bulleen, Thomastown, St Kilda and Sydenham.

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