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Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Bulleen, Thomastown, St Kilda, Taylors Lake and Sydenham.

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At Physical Healthcare

Physical Healthcare are conveniently located throughout Melbourne in Preston, Lalor, Bulleen, Thomastown, St Kilda, Taylors Lake and Sydenham.

Massage Greensborough

Through Physical Healthcare’s range of myotherapy and remedial massage treatments, we can assist Greensborough patients suffering from an array of injuries and ailments. Whether you are seeking treatment through massage, osteopathy or other treatments in physiotherapy, our St Kilda, Preston, Thomastown and Bulleen clinics are located conveniently nearby the places our Greensborough patients live and work.

You will also find our services available at the Physical Healthcare centre within Medical One in Main Street, Greensborough.

Physiotherapy Greensborough (Physio)

Physiotherapy can be useful for a variety of issues and used in conjunction with other treatments as part of a holistic program. If you are seeking physiotherapy in Greensborough, then get in touch with our central reception today and find an appointment at a time and location that suits you. Our physios in Greensborough can put together a treatment plan that suits your needs.

Clinical Pilates Greensborough

To further assist our patients with rehabilitation services that help them recover strongly and minimise the risk of future injuries, a number of our Physical Healthcare clinics now offer clinical Pilates. Greensborough locals can find out how clinical Pilates can help them with a range of issues, from back and joint pain, to recovery from injury or surgery.

Rehabilitation Centre Greensborough

In addition to clinical Pilates, we offer dedicated post-operative programs at our rehabilitation centres. Greensborough locals may come to us for the fitting of a Controlled Ankle Motion (CAM) boot, or for a tailored rehabilitation program developed in consultation with their surgeon and regular GP. We’ll cover pain and scar management, manual therapy, and exercise and education that will help you recover strongly.

Sports Physiotherapy Greensborough (Physio)

With a range of services in sports physiotherapy at our Greensborough clinic, there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

Female athletes or women wishing to safely exercise during and following pregnancy may wish to see one of our female physiotherapists. Greensborough locals will find the guidance they need to return to or take up various forms of exercise or team sports safely, with expert advice from our team of sports physios. Greensborough locals can come to Physical Healthcare for a sports physiotherapy assessment, whatever their sporting discipline or level of involvement.

Neck Pain Treatment Greensborough

Break free from the debilitating pain of neck pain with the expert neck pain treatment Greensborough locals will find at all Physical Healthcare clinics. Whether neck pain has been caused by posture resulting from your work, recent injuries or other issues, our team of physios can assess and advise, tailoring a plan to suit your needs that may include ergonomic aids, remedial massage and ongoing exercises.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Greensborough

Back pain is a complex problem and requires a holistic approach for effective lower back pain treatment. Greensborough patients may benefit from a treatment program that requires input from their GP and physiotherapist and incorporates exercise and remedial massage programs.

Staying active is an integral part of many management or treatment plans for lower back pain, and we will provide the gentle exercises and strengthening programs that help make this possible.

Heel Pain Greensborough

Suffering from heel pain? Greensborough locals may be puzzled by heel pain that appears suddenly without significant changes to their exercise or daily routine. The fact is that there are many causes of heel pain, from ill-fitting shoes and an abnormal walking style, to obesity or other factors that place increased or uneven pressure on the foot.

To learn more about the treatments for heel pain, or any other services in podiatry at our Greensborough clinic, call the Physical Healthcare team today.

Dry Needling Greensborough

Our physiotherapists take a holistic approach to their patients’ treatment, and are skilled at recognising when the patient may benefit from the inclusion of acupuncture or dry needling. Greensborough locals who would like to learn more about this method of reducing pain and inflammation while promoting muscle and nerve function and healing can ask our physios whether this treatment could become a valuable part of their treatment plan.

Headache Treatment Greensborough

Headaches and migraines can have many causes, and for many people, back, neck and headache pain are interrelated. Depending on the cause, and the other treatments proscribed by GPs and other healthcare professionals, our physios may recommend massage, dry needling, or ergonomic and posture support as part of your headache treatment. Greensborough locals can come to our clinic when referred by another healthcare professional, or by booking an assessment with one of our qualified physiotherapists.

Shoulder Pain Treatment Greensborough

When searching for shoulder pain treatments, Greensborough locals can count on the Physical Healthcare team to develop a treatment plan that alleviates pain and helps restore movement. Whether you require advice and treatment from one of our specialised sports physios for a sporting related injury, or the manual manipulation techniques, ergonomic and posture supports that will help you return to work, we’re here for you.

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